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Kara Holland

You guys made me rethink the whole thing. I received my paper according to my instructions and way before my deadline. I am so hopeful about this.

July 21, 2012 at 10:06 am

Joe is right that the chromosome fusion isn’t really good evidence for common descent. We know that human and chimp/gorilla chromosomes are very similar. For the people who believe in special creation, they just accept the similarity and say that humans were created with the same chromosome sets as apes. The fusion then occurs in humans alone. It does imply that humans have been around long enough for the fusion to come to fixation in the population, and since it is probably a neutral change, that implies that people have been around for a long time, unless fixation occurred in a small early population.

Much better evidence for common descent is the millions of complex mutations that have left their marks at exactly the same locations in ape and human genomes, especially the 3 million transposition events that have left transposon relics at the corresponding locations in primate genomes. Accounting for these without common descent requires that millions of events, with the specific details of each (truncations, deletions, transductions of adjoining sequence, rearrangements, etc.), were repeated exactly in parallel in each of multiple species, and that the pattern of presence/absence of each event in primate species matches the pattern of branching expected from common descent. Also, in many cases transposons have inserted in preexisting transposons so it is possible not only to determine which insertions are present in each species, but what order they occurred in. It all matches the pattern expected from common descent, and is staggeringly unlikely otherwise.

[CZ: They’re not just similar–you can see how they got to their current state through evolution from a common ancestor. But it is true that they’re just a tiny fraction of all the molecular evidence for common descent.]

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That’s funny, Joe. The link you provided goes to a story written by a self-described creationist. He looks at Chromosome 2 from two perspectives: evolutionary and ID (in his own words). How is this not ID creationism?

July 21, 2012 at 10:41 am

“But anyway I posted a link to an explanation that does not require common ancestry with chimps- it is by someone who holds a PhD in cell biology, which means he is more qualified than Carl to discuss this.”

Joe, if Carl Zimmer is under-qualified to discuss this stuff – where on earth does that leave you?

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Joe G –

These statements of yours are false:

“Sorry John Kwok- common design is based on our most robust biological data and the fossil record. And a clade is an example of a common design and all its variations.”

Common design isn’t supported by such data, including the fossil record, Joe. Instead, they imply “descent with modification”. (Darwin’s original term for biological evolution)

Read This Before Switching Deodorants

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July 11, 2018
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Activated charcoal , diet teas and so much more. How do you know which healthy living trends are fads or the real deal? It’s all in the research.

We decided to tackle aluminum-free deodorant and find out what the experts have to say about the rise of deodorants that are making waves in the worlds of fitness and natural health. Keep reading to find out why you don’t want aluminum in your pits and what to look for instead.


It is actually impossible to completely avoid aluminum. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) , it’s in the air, our food, soil and more. However, just because it is unavoidable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make yourself aware of how it is entering your body and what you can do to limit your intake.

One recommendation the ATSDR makes is to reduce how much “aluminum-containing antacids” and “buffered aspirin” you are taking. Another simple way is to make the switch to aluminum-free deodorant. How can that make a difference since the aluminum is just sitting on our skin? It actually turns out it isn’t; it is being absorbed into our body through the sweat glands.

“Antiperspirants contain an aluminum-based compound that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from perspiring,” explains Rebecca Killian, Executive Vice President, Creative, Design Product Development at sweatWELLth . “While sweating may be embarrassing it is natural and good for you. We sweat in order to release toxins from our body so stopping this function is detrimental.”

That sounds scary, we know. Katie Sturino, a blogger empowering women at her site Buy Cheap Clearance Clearance Store For Sale Black Extreme Lace Up Front Body Pretty Little Thing w7jQud
and founder of Joie Woman Adorlee Coldshoulder Floralprint Silk Crepe De Chine Top Offwhite Size S Joie Largest Supplier Cheap Price Eastbay For Sale Outlet With Mastercard Many Kinds Of For Sale p2rqhzv
adds that because our armpits are so close to the lymph nodes, we definitely don’t want toxins and potentially harmful chemicals to be absorbed there. This has been found to be vital for women, especially, as aluminum has been associated with breast cancer.

“Aluminum has been shown to concentrate in the breasts, to cause gene instability and alter cell division,” notes Sale Very Cheap Great Deals Cheap Online Antonio Berardi Woman Layered Pleated Cottonpoplin Top White Size 40 Antonio Berardi Get To Buy Sale Online eK9HihhQod
, a naturopathic doctor based in Arizona. “While this doesn’t absolutely mean that aluminum causes breast cancer, it’s been shown to be higher in patients with breast cancer than in those without. To me, this is compelling enough that it’s wise to avoid it.”


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